AMD FirePro professional GPUs in Apple’s new Mac Pro deliver unprecedented levels of performance

AMD  announced dual AMD FirePro(TM) professional graphics solutions (GPUs) deliver unprecedented levels of performance for the new Mac Pro. The AMD FirePro(TM) D300, D500 and D700 professional GPUs offer exceptional compute power and reliability for creativity and productivity in a wide range of applications. With industry-adopted OpenCL(TM) (Open Computing Language) [...]

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SPECviewperf 12: The New Industry Standard

AMD is pleased to recognize SPECviewperf® 12 as a new benchmarking tool to measure professional graphics performance. The new synthetic benchmark replaces SPECviewperf® 11, which was introduced in June 2010. Released by the SPEC® Graphics Performance Characterization (SPECgpc) project group, the new software includes fully updated viewsets based on traces [...]

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Apple’s new Mac Pro has Arrived!!!

Apple's long-awaited Mac Pro is now on store shelves. Starting Today,19th December 2013, customers can order the completely redesigned Mac Pro on Apple's Web site, its retail stores, and through select authorized resellers, Apple announced Wednesday. The computer starts at $2,999, but customization options can push that price higher. Apple [...]

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Thinkbox Software to bring Krakatoa to Cinema 4D

Thinkbox Software is to bring Krakatoa to Cinema 4D. The high-volume particle renderer is currently available for 3ds Max, Maya, and as a standalone edition. Initiated by users The Cinema 4D port was initiated by Ugly Kids‘ Daniel Hennies, who took advantage of the standalone edition’s C++ API to bridge [...]

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Supermicro Revs Up Low Latency HFT Servers

If you have the need for speed, Supermicro has a server for you. Supermicro is known to many as a motherboard supplier, but the company has a large and growing systems business aimed at a variety of markets Read full article here

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Evermotion releases Nox 0.40

Evermotion has released Nox 0.40, the latest version of its free unbiased renderer, featuring a new – and more streamlined – GUI, a new material editor and a new advanced colour picker. According to a note on the website, the release marks “the start of new development process that will [...]

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Chaos Group releases V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino, bringing the feature set of the Rhino edition of the renderer further into line with its counterparts for other software packages. New features from both 1.5 and 2.0 The update is free to V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino customers, so perhaps as a [...]

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Thinkbox Software ships XMesh MY

XMesh MX for 3ds Max in action. Thinkbox Software has just released XMesh MY, a new Maya version of the geometry caching plugin. The tool should be of particular use at studios running mixed Max/Maya pipelines. Thinkbox Software has released XMesh MY, the new Maya version of its geometry caching plugin, [...]

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Golaem ships Golaem Crowd 3.0

Golaem has released Golaem Crowd 3.0, the latest update to its crowd-simulation system for Maya, adding support for non-human characters, flocking behaviours, and an interactive previsualisation system. The software, which has been used by studios including Framestore and Double Negative, is intended as a less technically specialist alternative to standalone [...]

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Autodesk adds MEL scripting, OBJ export to Maya LT 2014

Autodesk’s latest extension for Maya LT adds support for MEL scripting to the cut-down version of Maya for indie games artists. See videos of other new features in the extension on Autodesk’s YouTube channel.   Autodesk has released another subscriber-only extension for Maya LT, the cut-down version of Maya aimed at [...]

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