RE:Vision Effects RE:Lens for After Effects

RE:Lens Features Straighten your video Use RE:Lens to straighten your curved video shot with super-wide and fisheye lenses. No more skinny legs or abnormally small heads when you don’t want them! Single camera 360 video made easy Shoot with a single camera with a superfish lens and convert the video [...]

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Autodesk unveils Maya LT 2016 Extension 3

Autodesk has unveiled Maya LT 2016 Extension 3, the latest subscriber-only update to its cut-down version of Mayaaimed at indie game artists, revamping the software’s modelling, UV and rigging toolsets. The update, announced at GDC 2016, includes some interesting new features, including an automated Quick Rig tool, and a new [...]

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The Foundry announces Modo 10 Series

The Foundry has announced the launch of the MODO 10 Series. Built on a next-generation 3D modeling, texturing and rendering platform that enables creatives to iterate freely in order to realize the full potential of their ideas, MODO 10 Series is poised to deliver valuable new feature sets in a [...]

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V-Ray‬ 3.3 for ‪Maya‬ is here!!!

The first thing users will notice is speed. Most scenes render 20-50% faster with V-Ray 3.3 for Maya, and it’s a free update for V-Ray 3.X for Maya artists. Also, this release introduces final frame production rendering on the GPU with a major update to V-Ray RT. Like V-Ray for [...]

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