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[title size=”2″]Welcome To MediaLogic[/title]
MediaLogic is a premium integrator based in the heart of Dubai serving the ARCH VIZ, VFX community and beyond. We provide solutions across multiple industries including Architecture,VFX, Games, Broadcast, and Advertising.

We have worked together as a team for a long time, every member of the team is different, yet driven by the same goal; to provide the best service we can. We have the depth of knowledge to offer the best advice available to professionals and students alike and we very are proud of that! We work daily with all of the major studios and have a great understanding of how to optimise existing and future production pipelines.

We work with many of the world’s largest and most creative production studios and supply them with hardware and software backed up with consultancy services. We can handle all of your needs from sourcing, supply and installation through to deployment and support services.

We have an amazing supplier relationships and have all of the necessary expertise and accreditation’s needed to provide sound advice and support and help you make informed decisions.

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[title size=”2″]Who Is MediaLogic[/title]
[toggle title=”Our Company Mission”]To provide premium solutions and services and be second to none in the EMEA region.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”The MediaLogic Philosophy”]Our Corporate Philosophy forms the basis for all aspects of our day-to-day business, as the most important element of our Corporate Philosophy is
Integrity = Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”The MediaLogic Promise”]

MediaLogic works to meet its responsibilities to client on a daily basis.
MediaLogic appropriately shares key market information and promotes dialogue with clients thereby building trust.
MediaLogic drive comes from perseverance and a strong desire to contribute to patients.
MediaLogic is solely formed with the goal of setting new innovations in the Media and Entertainment industry and set new standards in term of providing innovative solutions to the end client.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”We Can Deliver On Projects”]MediaLogic can partner in software/hardware implementation and provide full turnkey solution’s pertaining to the Media and Entertainment industry.[/toggle]

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[title size=”2″]Our Crazy Skills[/title]
[progress percentage=”100″]Integration[/progress][progress percentage=”100″]Consultancy[/progress][progress percentage=”75″]Training[/progress]
[progress percentage=”95″]Animation and VFX[/progress]