Itoo Software Introduces “Animating with Forest Pack Pro”, the new Tips & Tricks tutorial. Learn all about Forest’s 4 animation modes.

In this Tips and Tricks episode Itoo Software answers several questions frequently asked by users about animating with Forest Pack, and explain in detail how to control animation applied to scattered objects. Forest Pack has four unique modes that enable you not only to scatter animated objects with significant memory efficiency, but also randomize their starting frames, create offsets and control playback using maps. We’ll start by looking at the principles of these modes in detail and then apply the techniques to the simple scene shown above.

By completing this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Scatter animated geometry.
  • Create looping animations.
  • Randomize the starting frame of animated geometry using fixed sample points.
  • Control  the starting frame of animated geometry using a map.
  • Control the absolute frame of animated geometry using a map.

This tutorial requires Forest Pack Pro and RailClone Lite or Pro, the lite version can be downloaded free from here. Parts of this tutorial also use Bercon Maps, and GrowFX though they aren’t essential for completing the scene.

Complete Tutorial Here.