Autodesk has shared numerous video showing Maya 2016 New Features like: Delta Mush, New Sculpting Toolset or new improvement in Bifrost. Check it out!

Maya 2016: Adaptive Aero Solver in Bifrost

This short video gives you an overview of the new Adaptive Aero Solver available in Bifrost in Maya 2016, which gives you the ability to create atmospheric effects such as smoke and mist. Similar to guided simulations, low resolution aero solves can drive higher resolution detail. The added benefit of adaptivity allows you to define regions of high resolution within a massively large computational domain.


Adaptive Foam in Bifrost

Artists can now add froth, foam, and bubbles to liquid simulations, creating even more realism and detail in scenes with oceans, beaches, lakes, and stormy seas. With camera adaptivity, artists can create high resolution simulations close to the camera where detail is essential, while lowering the computation of foam particles in other ares, resulting in shorter simulation times.


Guided Simulations in Bifrost

This short video gives you an overview of the new guided simulations feature available in Bifrost in Maya 2016. Guided simulations give the artist control, providing the ability to art-direct the behavior of liquids using a cached simulation or an animated mesh object. With a guided simulation, a full-depth low-resolution liquid can be used to guide a high resolution simulation on the liquid’s surface, which is useful for effects such as hero waves.


Delta Mush Deformer

Delta Mush is a new animation feature in Maya 2016. A popular user request, Delta Mush smooths deformation, guiding the final result closer to the original geometry.


Look Development Enhancements, New Look & Feel

Look development (Hypershade) workflow enhancements in Maya 2016 which includes a rebuilt node-editing interface, new workflows for visualization and diagnosis of complex shading graphs, a new user interface, and performance improvements.


New Sculpting Toolset

New native sculpting toolset in Maya 2016 with brushes that feature volume and surface falloff, stamp images, sculpting UVs, and support for vector displacement maps


Parallel Rig Evaluation

Maya now takes advantage of both the CPU and GPU in your computer to accelerate playback and manipulation of character rigs. Combined with the integrated performance profiler, it becomes easier to understand and target bottlenecks in scenes and plugins.