November 22 brings to Dubai the second edition of SketchUp & V-Ray Day Middle East 2017.

Just a week after the official announcements of both SketchUp 2018 and V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp, this will be a unique shared official launch event for the entire Middle East.

Packed with hot features and release news, SketchUp & V-Ray Day Middle East will further bring you extended training with free advanced masterclasses by Adebeo’s Narayan Shenvi and Chaos Group’s Kalina Panteleeva, as well as prominent guest presenters from top architecture practices.



Morning Session
09:15 AM – 09:45 AM Welcome coffee and registration
09:45 AM – 10:15 AM Welcome Note & Intro speeches by Trimble & Chaos Group
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM SketchUp 2018: Presenting the new features – Narayan Shenvi, Adebeo
11:15 AM – 11:40 AM Special Guest Presentation
11:40 AM – 12:00 PM V-Ray Next: AEC & Design – Kalina Panteleeva, Chaos Group
12:00 PM – 01:00 PM V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp: Advanced features – Kalina Panteleeva, Chaos Group
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM Lunch break & Networking

Afternoon Session
02:00 PM – 03:30 PM SketchUp: Advanced design practices and workflows – Masterclass by Narayan Shenvi, Adebeo
03:30 PM – 05:00 PM V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp: The light way into heavyweight visualization – Masterclass by Kalina Panteleeva, Chaos Group
05:00 PM – 05:45 PM V-Ray Applications for AECI Industry: Visualizing the future of UAE’s AEC – Guest Presentation
05:45 PM – 06:00 PM Vote of Thanks & Closing speeches & Lucky draw


Wed, November 22, 2017

9:15 AM – 6:00 PM Gulf Standard Time United Arab Emirates Time


Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai

3, Sheikh Zayed Road

Starlight Ballroom


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V-Ray Middle East Roadshow May 10 – 16, 2016

Description: http://www.chaosgroup.com/public_images/V-Ray_MIDDLE-EAST_ROADSHOW_600x400px.jpg
This May, Chaos Group will head on a full-scale roadshow in the Middle East, with three day-long events dedicated to architectural visualization, product design and visual effects.

We kick off our roadshow in Dubai, where we’ll introduce Chaos Group’s exciting new product lineup. Our roadshow will then head to Abu Dhabi and will finally conclude in Doha.

In the morning session, we’ll look at how V-Ray can help the architecture and design industries. CG specialist Kalina Panteleeva will deliver an exclusive demonstration of V-Ray for Revit, followed by the Middle Eastern debut of a masterclass in rendering immersive VR projects with V-Ray 3.3 for 3ds Max.

For the afternoon session, Kalina will cover visualization and animation, with another exclusive presentation on V-Ray 3.0 for SketchUp, and V-Ray 3.3 for Maya.

Check the event details below:

V-Ray Middle East Roadshow – Dubai
May 10, 2016
Location: Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai | Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
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V-Ray Middle East Roadshow – Abu Dhabi
Date: May 12, 2016
Location: Hotel Intercontinental | King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Al Saud Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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V-Ray Middle East Roadshow – Doha
Date: May 16, 2016
Location: La Cigalle Hotel | Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd Area, Doha, Qatar
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If you have any questions, requests or would like additional information, contact us on Phone: + 971 4 551 6636.


Register for Chaos Group VRay Event : V-Ray Days in Dubai 2015

On November 16 Chaos Group will come in Dubai for the unique V-Ray Day Dubai. Come to learn and discuss V-Ray for architecture, design, VFX and animation. As an added treat, architectural visualization expert Jorge Barrero will guide us through creating the world’s first 3D printed office building.

The Architecture and Design sessions will showcase the latest VRay features for the industry, having a masterclass on cutting edge VR projects in V-Ray 3.2 for Autodesk 3ds Max.

The VFX sessions will focus on innovations in effects and animation, V-Ray for NUKE features and workflows, and rendering complex characters with V-Ray 3.1 for Autodesk Maya.

V-Ray Days Dubai 2015 is a free event and open for all.

The complete schedule of Vray days Dubai 2015 is as follows :

The Event: 

V-Ray Day Dubai 2015 

When and Where:

Date: November 16, 2015
Location: Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The program:

The event will be a whole day event.

Morning session: Architecture and Design
9:00 АМ – 9:30 АМ – Registration and reception
9:30 АМ- 10:15 АМ – The latest in V-Ray for architecture and design
10:15 АМ – 11:15 AM – The 3D printed office of the future in Dubai with Jorge Barrero, Gensler
11:15 AM – 11:30 AM – Break
11:30 АМ – 12:30 PM – Rendering VR projects with V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max – a workflow master class

Afternoon session: VFX
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM – Registration and reception
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM – The latest advances in V-Ray technology for VFX and Animation
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM – Rendering complex characters with V-Ray 3.1 for Maya master class
3:30 PM – 3:45 PM – Break
3:45 PM – 4:30 PM – Rendering for compositors – presenting V-Ray for NUKE


REGISTER here for the event.

The Event Highlights:

The 3D Printed Office of the Future in Dubai: A Case Study by Jorge Barrero, Gensler

Dubai isn’t just hosting a V-Ray Day – in the near future it’s set to become home to the world’s very first 3D printed office. The fully functional 2,000 square foot building will be created with a 20-foot tall 3D printer, and even its furniture will be 3D printed.

We’re pleased to welcome Jorge Barrero, Senior Associate at Gensler, to present a talk on this exciting and innovative new building. He’ll discuss how additive manufacturing works, 3D printed homes around the world, and the stages required to complete the office in Dubai.


Rendering VR projects with V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max

Chaos Group’s CG specialist Lyudmil Vanev will focus on the latest V-Ray features for the architecture and design industry, including a master class on cutting edge VR projects in V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max.

Lyudmil will guide you through the process of setting up a scene for VR, including how to deal with the challenges in lighting, creating realistic materials and management of heavy geometry. Through working on a production-ready scene you will learn unique tips and tricks to achieve fast rendering and physically accurate results in stereoscopic mode.


Rendering complex characters with V-Ray 3.1 for Maya master class

In this master class Chaos Group’s Lyudmil Vanev will show you how to build a character scene, highlighting workflow benefits in V-Ray 3.1 for Maya. You will learn about the latest render optimizations, find out how to manage heavy geometry, and easily overcome the most common issues of the character rendering.


Rendering for compositors – presenting V-Ray for NUKE

V-Ray expert Lyudmil Vanev will demonstrate a new approach to creating a workflow for compositors, from layout, lighting, materials, texture assignment and rendering, using the raytracing powers of V-Ray for NUKE. It’s the first time this has been shown off in the UAE, so don’t miss it!


Jorge Barrero – Senior Associate at Gensler 

Jorge Barrero is a senior architectural designer and digital design leader for international firm Gensler. He has 17 years of experience in the architecture and design visualization industry. He has taught a digital visualization studio at Harrington College of Design. He’s been a word contributor to 3D World Magazine published in the United Kingdom, and his visualization work has been published in the EXPOSE digital art book series published in Australia. He’s been a speaker at SIGGRAPH and Vismasters Design, Modeling, and Visualization conferences. As leader of Gensler’s visualization community, he leads the effort to explore and implement new digital design tools for the firm.


Lyudmil Vanev – CG Specialist, Chaos Group

Lyudmil is a CG professional with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of architectural visualization, animation and visual effects. Before joining Chaos Group, he worked as a CG specialist and compositor at some of the biggest VFX studios in Bulgaria.  Lyudmil joined the Chaos Group CG team in 2014 and since then he’s focused on helping companies and professionals get the best out of V-Ray rendering engine.



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