Chaos Group V-Ray for NUKE Now Available!

V-Ray for NUKE’s new approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into NUKE and NUKEX. The best news, you can get it today!

V-Ray for NUKE helps compositors and studios be more efficient and have more creative control. Taking advantage of V-Ray’s lighting, shading, and rendering tools inside of NUKE’s node-based workflow will make it easier to finish shots faster.



  • Full integration into NUKE’s native node-based workflow


  • Multithreaded CPU rendering
  • Highly optimized, adaptive ray tracing
  • Precise path traced global illumination

Render elements

  • 36 beauty, matte, and utility render elements


  • NUKE ReadGeo – Alembic, FBX, & OBJ
  • V-Ray proxy objects – Alembic & vrmesh
  • V-Ray scene files – vrscene
  • Geometry loads at render time


  • HDR image-based environment lights
  • Rectangular & spherical area lights
  • Mesh lights
  • Photometric IES lights
  • Ambient light
  • NUKE lights – Light, Direct, Point, and Spot nodes


  • NUKE projection cameras – Project3D node
  • Depth of field
  • 3d motion blur
  • Spherical, cylindrical, cube & fish eye camera types


  • Physically-based materials
  • Multi-layered materials
  • Subsurface scattering & skin material
  • Car paint material
  • Material overrides
  • NUKE shaders – Diffuse, Emission, Displacement, UVTILE


  • Memory efficient tiled EXR and TX files
  • Displacement & subdivision
  • Dirt & occlusion
  • Fresnel
  • Ptex
  • Utility & override textures

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