Thinkbox Software is to bring Krakatoa to Cinema 4D. The high-volume particle renderer is currently available for 3ds Max, Maya, and as a standalone edition.

Initiated by users
The Cinema 4D port was initiated by Ugly Kids‘ Daniel Hennies, who took advantage of the standalone edition’s C++ API to bridge the two applications.

“”I was really motivated to incorporate Krakatoa into my workflow since the majority of my projects involve creating fluids, particles and high-quality renders, which are time and memory-intensive in Cinema 4D,”” explained Hennies. “”I didn’’t want to switch creative applications so I took matters into my own hands. Krakatoa renders blazingly fast in Cinema 4D and handles particles in a way that wasn’’t possible before.”

Thinkbox Software has now acquired Hennies’ code, and plans to launch an official beta of Krakatoa for C4D early in 2014.

Other VFX tools for Cinema 4D
Krakatoa joins a growing line-up of new, indie-developed, VFX-focused tools for Cinema 4D, including Insydium’s X-Particles and Navié’s Effex simulation framework, itself compatible with Krakatoa.

Read the official announcement on Thinkbox Software’s website