The Maxwell team has just announced the full public release of version 3.1, which is a free upgrade for all V3 customers!

It’s a minor release but it’s big on features! Here’s just a few of the new additions…


maxwell spotlight

New emitters workflow! Full support for Spotlights – fully controllable and also compatible from your native 3D application (on all supported plugins).

maxwell extra sampling

Save on render time with Extra Sampling, a neat new tool that allows you to mask and select specific areas and render them independently to a higher sampling level.

maxwell volumetrics

With V3.1 you have more options for volumetrics at the tip of your fingers with new OpenVDB support.

More New Features

  • Animation tools in Maxwell Studio
  • Improved performance in Windows
  • Camera Response / White balance
  • Floating Shadows
  • UDIM Textures
  • Improved Shadow Channel
  • Custom Alpha per material
  • Simplified license activation procedure – with videos!
  • “Tech preview” of the NEW network manager
  • And more…

Learn more.