DESIRE – An Animated Musical Short by Red Echo Post .

This animated music video short blends Rob Fetters’ song, “Desire” with Story, Direction and Animation by Scott Thierauf. Sound Design and Creative Collaboration by Grant Kattmann, Editorial by Theresa Bruce, and Color Grade by Chris Joecken.

Software used

  • Maxwell Render
  • Autodesk’s Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • RealFlow

maxwell render desire 2

Here is a an excerpt of Red Echo Post talking with Maxwell Render about “Desire.”

About the project:

This project began as an idea for a music video for a local rock musician in Cincinnati, Rob Fetters. However, Scott Thierauf, Red Echo Post’s Creative Director/Animator, was interested in doing something bigger and on a grander scale than a music video, so he created an idea for a short film that uses the Rob’s song “Desire,” for a montage sequence.

Where was Maxwell Render used?

Nearly the entire 9 minutes of “Desire” was rendered with Maxwell Render. We used Maxwell for every scene except a few of the Robot heads-up-display sequences, where we used Maya’s native renderer to create the outlines of the character. Other than that and the end credits, everything was Maxwell.

Getting Maxwell into our Red Echo Post pipeline was easy.  Maxwell’s integration with Maya and the ease of incorporating shaders, etc. is flawless.

Did you use the Maxwell Material Gallery as a resource or reference for the materials you used?

Many of the materials used in “Desire” started as downloaded shaders from the Maxwell Material Gallery.  It helps immensely to be able to easily dissect complicated materials and learn how to re-create them specifically for our needs.

We, Red Echo Post and Rob Fetters, are tremendously pleased with the final look of “Desire.”

Read the full case study here.