• Imporved: Environment intensity has effect on Maxwell intensity (on all environment types + also on sun power)
  • Improved: modo Lights dissolve channel has effect on the exported radiance strength.
  • Added: MXM material flag “Embed into Scene” (mxm material is normally embedded into the scene but you can choose now to only reference it).
  • Added: Plugin version checking at ArchiCad program start. The plugin informs the user about new version.
  • Added: New pluginPreference > Workflow parameter: “Check for Plugin updates at program start”
  • Changed: Intensity control was removed from the Maxwell plugin Properties Environment tab.
  • Added: new Environment Intensity Multiplier (so it is possible to adjust the Maxwell environment intensity without altering the modo intensity)
  • Changed: Default FIRE preview displacement maximum is now 0 (to make faster previews)
  • Added: Support for modo 801
  • Improved: plugin reads the environment items in correct layer order (it was not always the case in case the modo environment items were reordered by user)
  • Improved: Add Environment button adds the new Maxwell Environment item always to the TOP environment item.

Bugs/Bug fixes

  • FIXED: FIRE doesn’t update correctly after Directional Light “Light Source Offset” channel change.
  • FIXED: Better stability under FIRE (especially after deleting items).
  • FIXED: FIRE crashes if modo render item doesn’t have the Maxwell package.
  • FIXED: (modo 801) moving item in FIRE mode crashes modo.
  • FIXED: Texure on Luminous Color channel can crash modo if FIRE runs.
  • FIXED: (beta 1 bug) can’t read environment under modo 501/601
  • FIXED: modo crashes after trying to import (solidworks, obj) files. (Files without time line settings.)

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