Adobe Photoshop Updates:

Today we released Photoshop update version 13.0.6 (for Macintosh perpetual license customers) and (for Windows perpetual license customers). This release corrects a number of issues.

Notable bugs fixed (Mac & Win)

  • Transformed text layers have character and paragraph settings that are different/inconsistent from previous versions
  • While transforming type the values are updated correctly in the Character Panel but not the Options Bar
  • Text returns incorrect tracking value after transform.
  • After a transformation, changing leading values for text by scrubby slider unpredictable
  • Multi-line text not rendered correctly in saved PDF files

Notable Windows specific bugs fixed

  • While using Photoshop (e.g. Color Picker or Layer Styles) PS launches browser with Help URL and crashes
  • Move Tool context menu to links layers broken

Adobe Illustrator CC Updates:

This update (Illustrator CC 17.0.1) is now available for Windows-based computers only. The Mac update has been withdrawn to investigate issues.


  • Spanish-language versions of Illustrator do not launch on Windows 8.1 computers.
  • On placing a DWG file, the topmost artwork gets loaded on the place gun, while the rest of the artwork gets placed on the document automatically.
  • Cannot save the file from Illustrator if the preview is enabled and is being displayed in a Windows dialog box.
  • All layers of the DWG are imported into a single layer even if the Merge Layers option is turned off.
  • Copying any object from a document to a new document results in plenty of unwanted swatches and slows Illustrator responsiveness.
  • After the Export dialog is opened and then dismissed (Cancel button), when you save a file (File > Save), Illustrator displays the Save As dialog.
  • Additional stability-related fixes.