Next Limit has announced the new features in Maxwell Render 3, the next major update to its physically based renderer – or some of them, at least.

In the spirit of Side Effects’ recent teaser campaign for Houdini 13 (or perhaps because Christmas is coming, and advent calendars are in season), the developer is unveiling the new tools one at a time.

New sun controls, better render previews
Features announced so far include the option to set the radius of the sun in Maxwell Render’s physical sky system – and therefore shadow softness – as well as its position and colour.

Performance of Maxwell’s Fire preview engine has also been improved, while the newly GPU-accelerated Multilight updates can now be seen immediately in the main render view, including scattering and dispersion. The update will also add a collection of readymade procedural textures.

One new feature a day, or many new features in 80 minutes
More new features will be announced on the new Maxwell Render 3 website every day this week.

Visit Next Limit’s Maxwell Render 3 mini-site