An award-winning compositor, NUKE provides state-of-the-art tools designed to streamline day-to-day workflow and ensure highest quality results fast. Get the visual result you want while retaining the power and flexibility to solve any production challenge.

As well improving the stability and dependability of the entire NUKE family with a large number of bug fixes, this release brings great new functionality to NUKE STUDIO*.

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced XML support that lets you import nonlinear retiming, transforms and crops from other editorial solutions.
  • In-timeline overlay setups, with support for multiple overlay tracks in the timeline and real-time track blending.
  • Enhanced audio tools, with viewable waveforms in the timeline, and the ability to apply fades-in, fades-out and cross-fades to audio tracks.
  • Real-time burn-in soft effect on the timeline that lets you easily add, view and change information such as timecodes, clip name and project name.

Other features benefit the wider NUKE family, such as:

  • Native real-time stereo playback support in the NUKE and NUKEX Flipbook panel, and in the NUKE STUDIO sequence timeline viewer. NUKE STUDIO also offers stereo monitor output support.
  • Tighter HIERO and HIEROPLAYER integration, ensuring workflow and project file compatibility between HIERO, HIEROPLAYER and NUKE STUDIO.

In addition, HIERO now offers the soft effects and annotations originally developed for NUKE STUDIO, while HIEROPLAYER can read in all of these features.

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