The Foundry February’s Sessions featured creative short form productions using NUKE STUDIO with Jordi García, Post23 & Paul Simpson, Realise Studio.NUKE experts Sean Brice (NUKE Product Manager) and Juan Salazar (Creative Specialist) also joined to help answer questions from the live Twitter feed.

The Foundry has unveiled an “enhanced” version of Nuke Studio, its new VFX, editorial and finishing system, augmenting the existing video and audio editing tools and adding native support for stereo playback.

The new features will be on show at NAB 2015 next week.

According to The Foundry’s press release, new features in Nuke Studio include:

  • Multiple overlay tracks and blending modes in Nuke Studio’s timeline, which give users access to even more familiar editing tools, and make editorial effects like adding insets and product logos, simple, fast and real-time.
  • Enhanced audio editorial tools, which let users view an audio tracks waveform within the timeline and apply cross fades and fade in/out to audio tracks using handles. These tools now combined make simple audio editing within Nuke Studio possible.
  • Burn-in soft effect added to the real-time in-timeline effects in Nuke Studio, which lets users quickly and easily add review information like time codes, clip name and project name directly in the timeline for use during review.
  • XML & AAF support for grades, non-linear retimes, transforms and cropping with Nuke Studio, which enables automatic creation of external editorial effects within Nuke Studio.
  • Native support for stereo playback, both in application and through SDI-out, within Nuke Studio and the Nuke and NukeX Flipbook, giving users taking on stereo projects all the tools that they need.

Pricing and availability
The new features are expected to become commercially available this summer. The update will be free to registered users.

The existing version of Nuke Studio is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. A single node-locked or floating licence costs $9,240.

Read more about Nuke Studio on The Foundry’s website