Itoo Software are proud to announce the release of RailClone 2.4. This update adds a host of improvements that significantly increase ease-of-use, including the ability to import and wire multiple segments, categorised and expanded exportable parameters, drag-to-swap links, auto-renaming of parameters and base objects, and the ability to automatically calculate and export the current size of segments.
In addition to the release, they have published the first of three guides to help you improve your RailClone skills. This first installment, aimed at beginners, introduces the core concepts required to get new users up and running as quickly as possible.
RailClone 2.4 also introduces new features including the UVW XForm operator to edit and randomise the tiling, rotation, and offset of UVW coordinates; a new Count mode to specify a fixed number of evenly rows and columns; the ability to add offsets to the start, end, top and bottom of generators; improved box mapping to allow multiple channels, plus many more features and fixes.

To find out more, check out the release notes, promo reel and features tour at