Next Limit  posted a tech reel for RealFlow 2015, showcasing the release’s remaining major new features. It’s quite an impressive collection.

First up are the Dyverso solvers: new smoothed particle hydrodynamics and position based dynamics solvers written “with the GPU in mind”.

The new solvers promise a “huge speed-up on small-to-medium simulations”. In the video, Next Limit cites typical speed boosts of 3x over the old SPH solver, and 6x for PBD.

In addition, OpenVDB meshing is now enabled by default for simulations created with both the particle-based and Hybrido solvers.

Users can also render simulations directly within RealFlow, using Next Limit’s Maxwell Render engine, rather than needing to export to an external renderer to check the results.

The UI has also been overhauled. Highlights include a new, more compact relationship editor; the addition of common tasks as one-click actions in the Nodes panel; and a “massive revamp” of the parameters section.

RealFlow 2015 is due to ship by the end of July.

Watch all of the the RealFlow 2015 sneak peeks on Next Limit’s Vimeo channel.