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RealityCapture: Photogrammetry Software

RealityCapture is a leading photogrammetry piece of software recognized for its speed and accuracy, and used by many professionals in wide range of industries.

  • Automatic 3D model reconstruction of triangular mesh,

  • Advanced coloring and texturing algorithms,

  • Geo-registration into all world coordinate systems,

  • Direct support of PPK/RTK flight logs, GPS in EXIF/XMP, and ground control points,

  • Ortho projections, DSM & DTM computation, AI classify tool and export into the recognized standards such as tiff, geotiff,

  • Volume, area, and distance measurements,

  • 3D model export into standard formats (ply, obj, xyz),

  • LOD export and direct upload to Cesium ion,

  • Camera motion/calibration export to world standards (with custom scripts),

  • Seamless combination of laser scans and photos,

  • A set of tools for analyzing alignment quality and accuracy, geo-registration, mesh reconstruction, 3D model post-processing (filtration, simplification, smoothing), etc.

  • Command line processing

Capturing Reality is now part of Epic Games

Leading photogrammetry developer Capturing Reality’s software to be integrated into Unreal Engine ecosystem; New and existing customers will continue to be supported

Easily transforms sets of ordinary photos into photorealistic and accurate 3D models
Inspect your data directly in the field and add missing photos.
Create 3D assets 6x more efficiently then with other traditional methods
Replace manual modelling and speed up your creative workflow. It’s simple. Use your phone or DSLR
Combine the accuracy of LiDAR with the detail and color of photogrammetry to create high resolution
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