Now through September 30th, 2015 you can save huge with the Nuke Studio Bundle Summer Promo from The Foundry!

Choose from two great NUKE STUDIO bundles and save up to 38%!


With the NUKE STUDIO Team Bundle, you get not only the creative powerhouse of NUKE STUDIO—complete with its two NUKE Assist licenses—but also an additional seat of NUKE, a full seat of HIERO, two NUKE Render licenses and a HIEROPLAYER. That’s a lot of capacity.

With a NUKE STUDIO collaborative setup like this, your VFX supervisor can oversee creative control of the project from NUKE STUDIO and focus on the effects and finishing, while an editor or producer can work on conform, editing and review in HIERO, a NUKE artist can work with an additional full set of award-winning compositing tools, and two additional artists can get on with everyday tasks like paint and roto in NUKE Assist.

Meanwhile, the seat of HIEROPLAYER lets any of your artists playback and review their shots within the context of the full timeline, and two NUKE Render licenses let you take advantage of your render farm and free up your main workstations for creative tasks. What’s more, new project file compatibility between NUKE STUDIO, HIERO and HIEROPLAYER mean your whole team can collaborate and iterate freely.


If you’re not ready for a full NUKE family workflow, but have been thinking about powering your pipeline with NUKE STUDIO, the NUKE STUDIO Starter Bundle is for you. Buy NUKE STUDIO today, and we’ll throw in two HIEROPLAYER licenses and two NUKE Render licenses for free. And of course, every NUKE STUDIO seat comes with two NUKE Assist licenses, so you’ll already have the foundation of a collaborative team workflow for just the regular price of NUKE STUDIO.

With a setup like this, you can get more out of your NUKE STUDIO investment by adding NUKE rendering power to your render farm and by providing any of your artists with the ability to review their shots in context of a shared project timeline with HIEROPLAYER. And of course, everyday tasks like paint and roto can be handed off to the NUKE Assists, freeing up your main NUKE STUDIO seat for rapid-turnaround creative work including client-attended sessions.

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