Hong Kong will host the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Starting from the 19th to the 22nd of November, the event is expected to bring conference attendees, exhibition visitors, and exhibitors from over 50 countries.

SIGGRAPH Asia will continue its tradition of being the premier platform for the advancement of graphics, animation, art, and technology. Apart from maintaining its strong standing amongst the academic research community, SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 will also strengthen its foothold within related industries.

Computer Animation Festival has amassed a bag of shorts, TVCs, trailers and student creations to show, as well as a list of Production Sessions that are definitely set to be a do-not-miss.

The Production Sessions (to date) are both from ILM Singapore.  Alex Pritchard, the CG Supervisor, and Adrien Saint Girons, the Lead TD at ILM Singapore take the audience through the VFX of Star Trek: Into Darkness.  That is on Wednesday the 20 November at 4:15 in Theater 1.

Then ILM Singapore is continuing the spectacle on their work in ‘Pacific Rim’ the following day, Thursday, at the same time and location. This time Nigel Sumner the VFX Supervisor and the Senior FX TD Don Wong take the stage to run through a look at VFX work in that incredible stereo production.

There is more to see in the Featured Sessions this year. Chaired by veteran Sophie Revillard, there are three brilliantly technical sessions with a focus of stereo technology at Pixar. ‘Three Eyes, Dimensions’ is a play on the little green alien toys from Toy Story 3. Joshua Hollander will take the stage on Wednesday the 20 November, where he’ll take the audience through the tech of the Pixar Stereoscopic releases.

The Electronic Theater is a two-hour overview filled with the best animations, visual effects, and scientific visualizations produced in the last year. The jury assembled this show to represent the must-see works in computer graphics for 2013.  Set for the end of each day between 7pm and 9pm in Theater 1.

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