Extensions & Plugins

V-Ray for SketchUp
Real-time and photo-real SketchUp rendering. V-Ray for SketchUp is an integral SketchUp rendering solution, empowering artists to explore their creations in real-time as they model and take them without leaving SketchUp to photorealism. Preferred by many 3D designers, majority of the leading AEC corporations worldwide use it.

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Visualize your design as real as possible before it’s built.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp lets you do more in your renderer than ever before. Experience your designs in real-time with V-Ray Vision. Light scenes automatically with Light Gen. Relight your renders right away with Light Mix. And with new V-Ray frame buffer fine-tune and finish your images without a separate post–processing app and much more.

Create More Urban Design Iterations in Less Time

There’s no need to manually calculate key urban parameters or check your masterplan’s compliance every time you create a new or iterate your existing design.
Modelur, a parametric urban design software, does that for you, in real-time.