The Studio Lighting & Illuminance Kit (SLIK) is an extensive toolkit of items, presets, scenes, materials and video tutorials to help MODO artists create the lighting setups they require for high-quality rendering. Without SLIK, artists spend considerable time refining light settings and setups to bring out the best in CG models; this process is often started from scratch and the result frequently lacks realism. SLIK lets you quickly put together studio lighting setups that mimic those found in the real world of photography, making renders more vibrant and believable, and helping you finish the job in less time. Nothing comes close to this type of streamlined workflow for creating realistic lighting setups with real-world lighting nuances that accentuate your creations.

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What’s included in the SLIK 2 kit?

  • 15 base assembly presets
  • 20 lighting setups covering small-scale, medium-scale, large-scale and portrait studio photography
  • 20 x 2K HDR environment maps
  • 34 x 4K lighting textures
  • 12 material presets
  • Instructional videos
  • Guided manual

Whether you start with one of the included presets, or build your own setup from the provided components, studio lighting in MODO has never been faster or easier. What’s more, support for working interactively with MODO’s Preview renderer means you can iterate without interruptions, to refine your work in less time.

The lighting assembly presets—which make up the core of the kit—make use of luminous polygons, lights and IES light files, which can be freely downloaded from light bulb manufacturing sites or from the The Foundry Community Asset Site. They provide a realistic lighting pattern for the system and can dramatically increase the realism in renders. All the controls are made available in the viewport, so you can focus on refining your lighting while getting direct feedback. You can light a scene from the camera point of view in a similar way that traditional photographers approach lighting—you can even select where on the object you want the highlight or light to hit, as opposed to the manual approach of moving tripods.
Image-based lighting is a breeze in SLIK 2. Simply load a studio preset, render out a custom high-quality HDR panorama, and then easily replace the studio lighting with the HDR. Or, start from one of the included HDRs or one you’ve created within SLIK, swap in the studio lighting used to create it at the click of a button, and make tweaks to customize the environment for your needs—then bake back to HDR.
Whether you just need a quick-fix lighting solution to drop a model into, or a streamlined way to build your own lighting studio, SLIK 2 offers a combination of features and ease-of-use not found in any other lighting system. Add lights, arrange, tweak light controls, render. It’s as simple as that.

What’s new in SLIK 2?

  • Intuitive automatic light-targeting process
  • Lightboard Controller—a one-stop shop to control all SLIK lights including mute, solo, relink, intensity, color, global intensity
  • 34 new 4K light textures
  • Studio Save feature
  • HDR Bake feature
  • SLIK HDR Studio Swap: swaps from HDR to full studio lights to allow tweaking
  • In-camera control system for SLIK 2 lights
  • Automatic render pass with recoloring
  • Automatic composition script using Adobe® Photoshop CC 2015 or Adobe® After Effects CC 2015
  • Single-click preference system
  • Updated lights and presets
  • New smart material library
  • Material Override for quick lighting tests
  • Physical Sun preset system
  • Custom Preset Save feature
  • Ability to remove tripod/secondary meshes from view
  • Performance-optimized SLIK 2 assemblies and options

Purchase information

Experience level:

Basic knowledge of MODO, rendering and lighting concepts recommended.

Software compatibility:

MODO 901 or greater

Product format:

All files delivered via electronic download.