Chaos Group releases V-Ray 3.3 for Nuke

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 3.3 for Nuke, making “200+ updates” previously only available in the 3ds Max and Maya versions of the V-Ray renderer, and further improving its integration with the compositing software.

“When people think of Nuke, they usually don’t think of rendering,” said Vlado Koylazov, CTO of Chaos Group. “Now artists can create a 3D scene using the same nodal workflow used throughout Nuke.”

New features from recent updates to the V-Ray for 3ds Max
Some of the main changes in V-Ray 3.3 for Nuke will be familiar to users of the other versions of the renderer.

The update adds support for the VR camera types added in V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max and the new Variance Based Adaptive Sampler added in version 3.3 of both the 3ds Max and Maya versions.

In addition, the Nuke integration now supports V-Ray’s sun and sky system, its physical camera, the VRay2SidedMtl material for thin translucent objects, plus updates to layered materials and render masks.

Deeper integration between V-Ray and Nuke
But just as importantly, the update also lets Nuke users access all of the standalone edition of V-Ray’s render modes – bucket, progressive and the V-Ray RT interactive preview – via the new VRayTranslator node.

The new VRayVRscene node lets Nuke users “import, export and control” files in V-Ray’s .vrscene format, including the option to “preview, instance and transform” them.

Updated 28 April: We asked Chaos Group for more details on what the new node does over V-Ray for Nuke’s existing ability to handle .vrscene files.

They told us that it enables users to import a single .vrscene multiple times, apply transformations to a loaded scene, and enable or disable imported lights. It should also handle geometry-heavy scenes more efficiently.

In addition, users can control V-Ray instanced proxy objects with Nuke particles, and the “improved” VRayVelocity render element now plays nicely with Nuke when generating motion blur as a post effect.

There’s also what seems to be an entirely new node, VRayTexNoise, for generating procedural 3D noise, although we’ve contacted the Chaos Group to confirm that, and will update when we hear back.

Updated 28 April: Kinda. It’s “similar to 3ds Max noise”, according to Chaos Group.

Pricing and availability
V-Ray for Nuke is available now for Nuke 7 and above on 64-bit Windows and Linux. The update is free to registered users.

A new workstation licence, which includes one floating user licence and one floating render node, costs $1,040. The software can render using existing V-Ray 3.x for 3ds Max and Maya render node licenses.

Read a full list of new features in V-Ray 3.3 for Nuke

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NUKE 10 is coming soon!

The Foundry has announced Nuke 10, the next update to its Nuke product range, adding a new raytracing renderer, improving the performance of the RotoPaint node, and extending GPU support.

In addition, users of NukeX, the extended edition of the base Nuke compositing software, will get a new Smart Paint toolset designed to simplify common tasks like plate clean-up and beauty work.

Users of Nuke Studio, The Foundry’s new VFX, editorial and finishing system, will get Smart Paint plus a new chroma keyer, improved audio tools, and a range of new timeline-based effects.

The Nuke 10 product range will enter beta on 14 January 2016 for customers with valid maintenance contracts. The Foundry hasn’t announced a date for the official release yet.

Click here to read the full article from The Foundry about all that’s new with the NUKE 10 Family.

NUKE STUDIO ftrack integration

The Foundry has announced that ftrack 3.2 integration with NUKE STUDIO is now live!

From Jon Wadelton, CTO at The Foundry: “We continually seek technology partners who help create even more efficient pipeline production, which in turn means less time wasted, and more time spent on getting creative. Our collaboration with ftrack marks our initial steps in integrating ftrack 3.2 and NUKE STUDIO, with the ultimate goal of making a more efficient, lightning-fast workflow.”

Users can easily set up their ftrack project directly from inside NUKE STUDIO, then pick their workflow and tag shots with appropriate tasks. They can also publish plates with proxy, review movies, and communicate with other users via real-time chat. Sign up to an unrestricted free trial here:

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With a setup like this, you can get more out of your NUKE STUDIO investment by adding NUKE rendering power to your render farm and by providing any of your artists with the ability to review their shots in context of a shared project timeline with HIEROPLAYER. And of course, everyday tasks like paint and roto can be handed off to the NUKE Assists, freeing up your main NUKE STUDIO seat for rapid-turnaround creative work including client-attended sessions.

Learn more about the prices on The Foundry website

NUKE 9.0v7 is now available

An award-winning compositor, NUKE provides state-of-the-art tools designed to streamline day-to-day workflow and ensure highest quality results fast. Get the visual result you want while retaining the power and flexibility to solve any production challenge.

As well improving the stability and dependability of the entire NUKE family with a large number of bug fixes, this release brings great new functionality to NUKE STUDIO*.

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced XML support that lets you import nonlinear retiming, transforms and crops from other editorial solutions.
  • In-timeline overlay setups, with support for multiple overlay tracks in the timeline and real-time track blending.
  • Enhanced audio tools, with viewable waveforms in the timeline, and the ability to apply fades-in, fades-out and cross-fades to audio tracks.
  • Real-time burn-in soft effect on the timeline that lets you easily add, view and change information such as timecodes, clip name and project name.

Other features benefit the wider NUKE family, such as:

  • Native real-time stereo playback support in the NUKE and NUKEX Flipbook panel, and in the NUKE STUDIO sequence timeline viewer. NUKE STUDIO also offers stereo monitor output support.
  • Tighter HIERO and HIEROPLAYER integration, ensuring workflow and project file compatibility between HIERO, HIEROPLAYER and NUKE STUDIO.

In addition, HIERO now offers the soft effects and annotations originally developed for NUKE STUDIO, while HIEROPLAYER can read in all of these features.

Learn More