The Foundry ships Cara VR

The Foundry has launched Cara VR, a new plugin toolset for Nuke designed to streamline common tasks in creating virtual reality content. Cara VR 1.0 is now officially shipping. The Foundry has also posted more detail about the product’s feature set on its updated product website.

Toolsets for solving, stitching, grading, tracking and compositing 360° footage
First up, camera solving. As well as solving custom rigs, the system comes with presets for popular VR camera setups like the Nokia Ozo and Freedom360‘s products.

There are built-in tools for stitching – shown in the video above, and capable of exporting UV maps and lens distortion ST maps – colour correction and tracking, and support for automating tasks via Python scripting.

Equally importantly, the toolset also makes it possible to use Nuke’s “full set of compositing tools directly on 360° material”, via built-in node toolsets for roto, paint and tracking operations.

In addition, Cara VR comes with a version of Nuke’s new raytrace renderer – added in Nuke 10, but still officially in beta – with “additional support for stereo lens models”.

There is also a dedicated slit-scan shader with options to control depth at the poles of 360° footage, “resulting in a more pleasant VR viewing experience when looking up or down”.

For playback, Cara VR also now supports the HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift.

Pricing and availability
The Cara VR suite of plugins is compatible with Nuke, NukeX or Nuke Studio 9.0v9 and 10.0v2 runnning on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. A new licence costs $4,295.

Read an overview of the features in Cara VR on The Foundry’s website

Read about Cara VR in more detail in the online product documentation