This release includes bug fixes and feature improvements for CARA VR for NUKE.

CARA VR ™—the virtual reality plug-in toolset for NUKE—helps you to create incredible live-action virtual reality content. With a specialized toolset that includes headset review, CARA VR dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating incredible immersive experiences.

What’s new in CARA VR 1.0v2?

  • Caching improvements to reduce memory usage
  • New support for multi-view inputs in Camera Solver allowing you to define left and right views for all inputs when working with stereoscopic footage
  • New blending options added in the Blender and Stitching nodes to improve stitch results
  • Support for HMD review in all NUKE 10 releases including NUKE 10.0v3 and 10.0v4
  • And more

For full details of updates and improvements, see the release notes.

Purchase CARA VR

If you have a current license for CARA VR 1.0 you can download CARA VR 1.0v2 today.

Download CARA VR 1.0v2