Better color representation
Enjoy better color matching between COLORWAY and third-party applications, with improved color representation.

Color value input options
Input color values as either 0-255 RGB integers or as floating-point values, for easier integration with common 2D and 3D applications.

Part and light grouping
Easily apply changes to multiple parts or multiple lights at once for accelerated material editing and light study creation, with the ability to group parts and lights.

Collapse multiple parts
Collapse multiple parts into a single item to simplify the process of assigning materials or recombine your COLORWAY asset in different ways.

Look grouping
Organize your looks into groups that can be individually exported or rendered.

Texture and decal tinting
Easily create material variants, with the new ability to directly tint textures and decals within a material.

Reusable materials
Reuse materials and material groups between different COLORWAY projects simply by dragging and dropping them.

Diffuse pass batch rendering
Batch render diffuse passes per look to provide reference images for the unlit colors—useful for creating spec sheets, for example.

Onscreen filter controls
Interactively adjust filtering effects directly on the image, with new onscreen controls for all filters.

Improved depth of field
Create more convincing focus range effects with an enhanced depth of field filter.

Automatically save your work at intervals of your preference, to minimize potential loss caused by an unexpected interruption.

Texture export
You can now easily export all textures to disk from the COLORWAY file, for use in other parts of your pipeline.

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