MARI 3 delivers new avenues for pipeline integration and productivity-enhancing workflows that help 3D paint artists iterate faster, manage complexity better and produce higher quality results.

MARI 3 is the perfect fit for even the most challenging VFX, animation or games production.

With the artist-friendly 3D paint tools you need to make the most of your creativity, together with the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets, MARI is the clear choice for today’s challenging VFX, animation and games productions. Supported by the world’s most advanced layering system, MARI is capable of handling high-resolution textures and millions of polygons without ever compromising on speed or efficiency. It also provides a fully customizable user interface that lets you work just the way you want.

What’s new and improved?

  • MODO rendering and texture baking directly from within MARI
  • APIs to integrate your renderer of choice
  • Support for OpenSubdiv and FBX geometry
  • Enhanced color space management workflows through OpenColorIO
  • An exposed node graph for advanced users
  • Integrated Arnold, V-Ray, Unreal and Redshift shaders
  • And more

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