The Foundry is very pleased to announce that MODO 901 is on its way.


Just a few of the highlights we’re excited to announce:

  • Better Booleans in every box, with MeshFusion now included
  • Really cool new progressive texture baking
  • A host of new and improved tools for everyday modeling tasks
  • Better ways of working with both regular and UDIM multi-tiled UVs
  • Layered multi-resolution sculpting
  • Choice of individual or floating licensing included in base price for new seats


Right now when you purchase MODO 801 you will automatically receive an upgrade to 901 upon it’s release. The same applies to those upgrading from version 701 to 801.


  • No more complex and frustrating Boolean operations! Now you can consistently produce high-quality results when combining objects.

Progressive baking

  • Texture baking goes to the next level, with a new progressive ray tracing technique that lets you preview your textures as you bake.

Enhanced modeling

  • Topological Symmetry, Split and Fill Slice tool option, Quad Fill Pattern mode, Linear and Radial Align, Multi-edge slicing, and more!

UV enhancements

  • Enjoy new workflows for both regular and UDIM multi-tiled UVs, including better packing, transfers, straightening and alignment.

Multi-res sculpting

  • Now you can work with multiple sculpt layers at each mesh level, and transfer multi-resolution displacement vectors between meshes.

And much, much more!

  • Remember, this is just a sneak peek at part of what’s coming in 901. You can be sure there’s plenty more big news still under wraps!