The Foundry has released Colorway 2.0, the latest version of its iterative look design tool, and announced new subscription-only pricing for the software, which was previously available as a free trial.

You’ve already seen how Colorway can free up your creative process to let you quickly create design iterations. But with the new Colorway, there’s so much more.
With LiveSources, any element in your layout can reference multiple external files. When these files are updated, your project automatically gets the latest versions. You can also switch between multiple versions of files with a single click.

Dynamic Text lets you refine your design before the copy is final—simply update the external text file and your project will update to match. Dynamic Text is also brilliant for situations where multiple versions of the same design are required, for instance when localizing print ads.

Easily create and manage color palettes. Build palettes using a swatch system or traditional color sliders; browse from collections of palettes already stored in your file system; easily update colors across multiple projects.
Colorway is free until 12 January 2016, so why not seize this opportunity to take it for a test drive? Find out more about what these key new features mean for your design workflow, and download your copy today.

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