Creating stunning games on a tight budget can be a real challenge for freelance game artists. The Foundry, today launched MODO indie and MARI indie. The offerings, available exclusively on Steam, bring affordable versions of The Foundry’s award winning 3D modeling, sculpting, animation (MODO), and painting (MARI) tools to these artists.

“With MODO indie and MARI indie on Steam, we looked at how we could pull the most relevant components of MODO and MARI and create accessible offerings for the individual game artist,” said Brad Peebler, president of The Americas, The Foundry. “By putting the powerful flexibility and functionality of these cutting-edge game asset creation tools into the hands of individual artists, we hope to help games artists take their projects to the next level.”

About MODO indie

The most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface 3D modeler anywhere, MODO indie delivers amazing creative features for crafting detailed 3D game content — free of individual commercial restrictions. MODO indie’s flexible modeling tools are ideal for precision modeling of hard surface objects and environment structures, and for freeform organic sculpting of virtually any shape. The integrated multi-res sculpting and animations tools work alongside traditional modeling and UV toolsets to offer a superior experience for game artists.

MODO indie is a new product that will be replacing MODO Steam Edition on the Steam storefront. After listening to customer feedback, The Foundry has added features and made numerous improvements in MODO indie to better meet users’ needs.

MODO indie features:

  • Highly technical 3D modeling that’s intuitive and fun
  • Dynamic sculpting tools for expert tinkering
  • Powerful animation and rigging tools to bring 3D models to life
  • UV editing tools make texturing objects in 3D a breeze
  • Texture baking lets users package everything quickly for export
  • Materials setup and painting gives great artistic flexibility
  • High performance rendering
  • Easy export OBJ and FBX output to game engines

About MARI indie

MARI indie is the fastest, most artist-friendly way to texture, paint, and detail amazing 3D assets for game projects. MARI indie is an invaluable toolset that lets users focus on the artistic aspect of 3D game asset painting without getting bogged down by the technical side. Giving game artists and content creators all the functionality they need to exactly replicate the look of assets in their games engine, MARI indie’s dynamic workflow allows painting and detailing every facet of 3D models and animations in a way that’s quick, intuitive, and highly creative.

MARI indie features:

  • Intuitive painting and texturing directly onto 3D models
  • Ability to import custom Photoshop brushes or create brushes within MARI
  • Advanced layer-based workflow gives greater speed and control
  • Realistic interactive previews on-the-fly
  • Powerful geometry handling giving greater precision and control
  • Alembic support for animated geometry caches and imported cameras
  • Physically based shading and environmental lighting

Pricing and availability
Modo Indie and Mari Indie are available now via Steam. Modo Indie runs on Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.7+ – The Foundry is “evaluating demand” for Linux; Mari Indie runs on Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.8.5+ and Linux.

In addition to the $299.99 perpetual licence, you can rent Modo Indie from $9.99 to 14.99 per month, depending on whether you choose to subscribe monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Mari Indie costs $149.99 for a perpetual licence, or you can rent it from $8.29 to $12.49 per month, again depending on whether you choose to subscribe monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Read an overview of Modo Indie and Mari Indie on The Foundry’s website

Read the detailed FAQs (includes a full list of restrictions) on Steam