In this Tips & Tricks tutorial for Forest Pack we look at the many options for scattering objects on uneven terrain. It’s not often the case that we place scattered objects on a truly planar surface, instead in many scenes we have banks, mounds, hills, and even vertiginous mountains. Forest Pack not only allows you to place geometry on non-planar surface with a minimum of effort, but also gives you a high level of control, with the ability to control the density and scale of the scattered objects based on the altitude and slope angle of the

By completing this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Use Surfaces in XY mode to distribute scattered objects.
  • Align trees in relation the the normals of the surface.
  • Control density and scale based on altitude.
  • Control density and scale based on the slope angle of the underlying surface.

Download Contents

The exercise files for this tutorial includes the following .max scenes compatible with Max 2011 and V-Ray.


Complete tutorial here.