The first thing users will notice is speed. Most scenes render 20-50% faster with V-Ray 3.3 for Maya, and it’s a free update for V-Ray 3.X for Maya artists. Also, this release introduces final frame production rendering on the GPU with a major update to V-Ray RT. Like V-Ray for 3ds Max, 3.3 for Maya adds Variance-based Adaptive Sampling with better noise detection for cleaner images. It also brings faster set-up with less adjustments since lights and materials can now be evaluated automatically. And these are just a few of the many new features.

V-Ray 3.3 for Maya is a free update for all V-Ray 3.x for Maya customers. Download here.

For users not on 3.x, there’s never been a better time to upgrade!

Purchase V-Ray for Maya 3.3


  • Ray Traced Rounded Corners – Generate smooth edges at render time with no extra modeling
  • Triplanar Mapping – Quickly apply seamless textures without UVs
  • Stochastic Flakes – Create ultra-realistic materials with sparkle effects like snow, sand, and car paints
  • V-Ray Falloff – Add falloff and fresnel effects based on viewing direction
  • New Sky Model and Aerial Perspective – Simulate more natural looking skies with the new Hosek sky model, and add realistic atmospheric depth with Aerial perspective
  • V-Ray Clipper with Render-Time Booleans – Create sections and cutaways using any mesh object


Faster Volume Rendering

  • Faster volume rendering with probabilistic sampling
  • Supports OpenVDB caches from Houdini 15 and FumeFX
  • Preview volume grid objects in the viewport

Improved Global Illumination

  • More robust reflective GI caustics for better light propagation, and more natural illumination of interior scenes

Look Development

  • Now supports look development nodes introduced in Maya 2016 Extension 1

OpenSubdiv 3.0

  • Now supports the latest version of OpenSubdiv
  • Up to 2X faster performance
  • Added support for color sets


  • Cache XGen collections to V-Ray scene files for better performance
  • Added support for displacement, subdivision, and VRayUserColor
  • Added support for frame animation from archive

User Interface

  • Optimized user interface and default render settings