Steve Cresshead has shared Zbrush 4.7 demo on his youtube channel which was recorded from ZBrush Summit 2014 event.

This will be the final release in the ZBrush 4 series and final 32-bit version. Pixologic also announced a collaboration between Pixologic and Luxion, creating a Bridge for seamless interaction between ZBrush and KeyShot.


Pixologic has shared  impress photos about this upcoming release of Zbrush:


ZBrush 4R7 FAQ

Q: When will ZBrush 4R7 be released?
A: Release date, upgrade instructions and feature list will be posted at a later date.
All registered users – including those who will purchase ZBrush between now and the release of ZBrush 4R7 – will receive the 4R7 update free of charge!

Q: What is a ”Public Beta”?
A: It’s a special edition of ZBrush 4R7 64-BIT. The features are exactly the same as the 32-BIT 4R7 version but we have updated the core of ZBrush to take full advantage of 64-BIT processing power and memory (RAM) capabilities.

Q: Is the KeyShot for ZBrush Bridge the KeyShot renderer?
A: No. The bridge only sends data from ZBrush to KeyShot. You still need to actually have KeyShot 5 or above installed on your computer in order for it to be able to render.

Q: What is “KeyShot for ZBrush”?
A: KeyShot for ZBrush will be the latest KeyShot version, designed to work exclusively with the “ZBrush to KeyShot” bridge. Both will be available concurrently with the release of ZBrush 4R7 and available at an introduction price of USD 249.

Q: If I already have KeyShot, can I get the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge by itself?
A: Yes. The price for the Bridge by itself will be announced at a later date.

Q: Is “KeyShot for ZBrush” a full version of KeyShot?
A: YES! This special edition has all of KeyShot’s features but is designed to work exclusively with the “ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge”.

Q: Will ZBrush 5 have a 32-BIT version?
A: No. ZBrush 4R7 will be the last 32-BIT version.

Q: Which features will ZBrush 5 contain?
A: We are not announcing the features for ZBrush 5 yet, except that it will be 64-bits for Windows and Macintosh systems.

Check out Zbrush 4R7 video !