Chaos Corona 8
Now out for 3ds Max and Cinema4D


Despite its young age, Corona Renderer has become a production-ready renderer capable of creating high–quality results.

The development of Corona Renderer started back in 2009 as a solo student project of Ondřej Karlík at Czech Technical University in Prague. Corona has since evolved to a full-time commercial project

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Corona Renderer delivers high quality, physically-based shading in production rendering.




Corona Renderer is entirely CPU based (with optional GPU denoising which requires a compatible NVIDIA GPU)

Distributed Rendering

Rendering with multiple computers at once is essential for any real production. Corona facilitates this in multiple ways – for example it has its own distributed rendering system

Proudly CPU Based

Corona Renderer does not need any special hardware to run. It uses the CPU and you can run it on any processor from Intel or AMD released in the past decade

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