Design & Concept

Develop, iterate, and perfect. Work together, develop, and implement. With a user interface (UI) created to let you illustrate your ideas at the speed of thinking, KeyShot was created for the modern designer.

Emerging Ideas

KeyShot gives you the tools to create the visuals you need when you need them, whether they are graphics for manufacturing or technical documentation for clients, so you can make design decisions more quickly and get products to market more quickly.

Thought Leadership

KeyShot gives you the ability to produce high-end pictures that draw customers and more effectively communicate your goods, whether they are for a website, catalog, packaging, or physical shop.

Load It

Native support for more than 30 popular 3D file types is included in KeyShot. One-click loading is available with free plugins, and LiveLinking keeps your design synchronized between programs. When you use KeyShot, you spend less time loading and more time producing, whether you're making a tiny device or a large assembly.

Style It

KeyShot includes over 750 preset materials, with thousands more on the KeyShot Cloud, and advanced capabilities to create your own. Apply textures, labels, and variations with ease. KeyShot’s powerful lighting, studio, and image tools allow you to capture and style the perfect shot, every time.

Show It

KeyShot is designed for speed, whether producing static images or animations to elevate your aesthetics. KeyShot enables you and other people to explore and engage with your ideas. Its tools range from dynamic turntables and product-defining exploded views to product configurators and immersive virtual reality.

Elevate Your Visuals


The Standard for Visualization

KeyShot has always been the industry standard for visualization, from the initial concept through all design iterations to the retail shelf. You have seen KeyShot wherever the top products are displayed.

Unrivaled Detail

KeyShot provides the grain and stitch you need if precision and detail are what you're after. KeyShot offers an unmatched level of realism with its exclusive leather materials, configurable texture options, and never-before-seen textile and fabric modeling.

Unmatched Realism

Faster visual creation is possible with KeyShot than with any other rendering technology. KeyShot offers an unrivaled level of realism with the ability to customize material look, establish environment lighting, and generate infinite variations.

Endless Possibilities

In your industry and beyond, KeyShot is used to produce the potent graphics that convey limitless possibilities. You'll be astounded at how simple it is to create everything with KeyShot, from the smallest texture detail to bathing your scene in the ideal lighting.

Download Keyshot Trial

KeyShot 11 is the latest major KeyShot release that brings you many fresh new features and new functionality.

Keyshot 11 Win
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Keyshot 11 Win

Keyshot 11 Mac
Activate with a trial code: MEDIALOGICKSTRIAL

Keyshot 11 Mac
System Requirements

KeyShot is designed to run fast on the most basic hardware configurations or the most powerful of systems to take full advantage of all CPU cores available and scale performance linearly. To get started, here are the minimum recommendations and system requirements for the latest version of KeyShot.






Disk Space



  • Dual core CPU 1, 2
  • OpenGL 2.0 capable system3
  • Intel or AMD 64 bit processor with SSE4.1 or higher
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher
  • Internet connection (to activate product)