(1) New updates in SketchUp Pro 2021

We're excited to announce some more SketchUp Pro updates. The intention of this latest release is to improve modeling consistency from tool to tool, increase workflow efficiency, and improve SketchUp's learnability.


Changes to SketchUp’s modeling modifiers 

In SketchUp 2021.1, the way that ten core tools work in modifier states is changing. For example, SketchUp’s Move tool can also work as a Copy tool. And, with a modifier, Push/Pull can create new faces when you extrude. Here are the highlights:

Modifier Toggles

The most obvious change is that more tool modifiers behave as toggles that can be turned on and off by tapping a key. This reduces the press-and-hold modifier interactions for tools and more predictable modeling outcomes.

For any tool, the available modifiers can be understood from the status bar (at the bottom of the screen) and confirm the current modified state of the tool by examining the cursor or on-screen modeling behavior. With more modifiers behaving as toggles, we think it’s easier to switch the tool state before you complete a given operation.

Sticky Modifiers

Modifier tool states are now persistent over several operations. This means being able to make multiple copies of objects with Move tool or being able to hide edges with Eraser across view changes using Orbit.

Using the Move tool.


Hiding Edges with the Eraser Tool.

To get out of a modified tool state, either hit the modifier key again or change tools.