Seamless Design Communication

LayOut takes your 3D model into 2D space; it’s the tool for creating documentation from your SketchUp model. You start in SketchUp, draw your project and create scenes to show the different views, and communicate all your design intensions to your clients, partners, contractors & others using layout & keep your design on track.


Need to make a change to your model? LayOut instantly updates dimensions, labels, and model geometry when you make the change in SketchUp. Easy.
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Context and details
Add dimensions, labels, Line work, shadows, textures, other texts. Also it can incorporate photos, multiple views of the angles, all the details, all the context or whatever else you need to help communicate your project.
Allow both you and the client to communicate confidently to push the project forwards.
Get inspiration on bringing good daylight into your design through better combinations of day lighting options
Custom tittle blocks
Imprint your drawings & make it yours by customizing professional title block templates.