Is SketchUp free?
During the 30-day trial period, the design program is available for free. On our website, you can get the installation files for the complete, commercial edition of SketchUp Pro 2021. If you wish to keep working with the application after the trial time has ended, you must purchase the appropriate type of license.
What kinds of things can you make with 3D SketchUp?
You can create anything you want in three dimensions using this software! It was designed for projects that included spatial layouts (buildings, interiors, and gardens), mechanics, and game design. You'll use a variety of straightforward tools when working with SketchUp. Tools like line, arc, circle, rectangle, eraser, scale, offset, pull / long, and push / pull are among them. In addition to the fundamentals
Technical support for SketchUp users
When you sign up for our 3D design program, you will have access to technical help. It is also available to users who have purchased and activated the most recent version of the program's Maintenance & Support.
How do I Activate my Subscription License?
Congratulations, you have purchased a SketchUp Subscription. And now? Read on and activate your SketchUp Subscription via the steps below! If you do not have a Trimble ID yet
(or if you purchase the license to another Trimble ID than the ID you already) If you already have a Trimble ID, go directly to step B. If you have an active Trimble ID 1. Check the mail at the email address you provided for your Subscription; You will receive an email from, with the subject "Trimble Account Creation Notification"
In the e-mail click on the Activate account button.
3. You will be redirected to a website
4. Enter your e-mail address here and choose a password
5. You now have an active Trimble ID account, proceed to step B . What if I didn't click on the activation link before the 72 hours were up?
B. If you have an active Trimble ID

Check the mail at the email address you provided for your Subscription; You will receive an email from with the subject “Entitlement Created” Check your spam folder or unwanted mail if necessary. C. Assign your license

If you have only purchased one license, you can skip this step, your license is automatically assigned. Go directly to step D.
1. Click on the link in the mail to access the Subscription You will be redirected to your Account Management Portal
2. Log in now to your Account Management Portal You can do this with your Trimble ID or with your Google Account, make sure you use the e-mail address where the mail was sent to!
4. Then click on the Members tab under “Purchased via ……” (Name of your Reseller) Here you must add the end user as the user of the Subscription, click on assign:
5. Enter the e-mail address and click on the ADD button:
6. If you have done this, the first and last name of the end user will be retrieved from the database in the case of an existing Trimble ID. If you choose a Trimble ID that does not yet exist, you must enter a first and last name of the end user yourself. Click Add again to confirm. The end user receives an email from with the subject "Your license ..." It contains a blue "Get the app" button. This refers to the download page of SketchUp products that you have access to.
D. Download and install SketchUp

If you SketchUp Pro 2020 has already installed this again does not, proceed to step E .
1. Go to the download page (Via the link above; or via the 'download' link in your Account Management Portal, or via the blue 'Get the App' button in the last e-mail)
2. Download the SketchUp Pro 'Desktop Client' . The download page recognizes whether you are using Windows or Mac and offers you the correct download.
3. Many browsers show a download at the bottom of the screen, some at the top:
a. Windows: Start the installation file. Among other things, you see the following screens:
Click on 'next' 'accept' and 'finish' at the desired moments.
b. Mac: Double-click the DMG installation file. This will drop the installation disc on your system and open a Finder window.
Drag the SketchUp icon to the Programs folder. You may be asked to enter your user account password.
E. Download and install SketchUp

1. After installing you can then start SketchUp. Click on 'Sign in' to continue.
Note: If you have already installed SketchUp 2020 but were still in Trial mode, you must log
out and log in again in the Welcome screen:
2. SketchUp Pro 2020 is ready for use.
3. Click on Files to start with a template or recent file or to open a file via the file browser.
Free 3D Libraries
Working on a project allows you to greatly decrease the time it takes to model specific parts in a visualization, such as an interior or garden. Take use of 3D Warehouse's free model database. It's a collection of ready-to-use 3D models that works with the SketchUp design program.
How do I get My Upgraded Key & what will happen to my Old Licenses?
When will I receive my SketchUp Pro 2020 serial number and authorization code?
Of course, via e-mail! You receive your codes from the reseller where you purchased your SketchUp Pro license and / or SketchUp Pro Maintenance.

Is macOS Mojave now officially supported?
- Yes, macOS Mojave is now officially supported.

What will happen with my SketchUp Pro 2020 license?
It keeps running on the machine where it is activated. SketchUp Pro 2020 runs beside it. Pay attention:
If you upgrade a SketchUp Pro Network license to 2020, you cannot start version 2020 after 60 days; If you upgrade a SketchUp Pro Standalone license to 2020, then 2020 can no longer be activated on new systems as soon as you activate the 2020 license somewhere. If 2020 is still installed somewhere, it will run on forever.

Are all my plugins still working? Contact your plug-in supplier to see if an update is required. The plugins will of course continue to run in your old version of SketchUp Pro.
SketchUp can be used any device?
Windows 7 & Later
OS X 10.9 and later

Removing a licence / Moving to a new computer SketchUp Pro single-user licenses are "locked" to your computer when SketchUp Pro is licenced. If you purchase a new computer and you want to transfer your SketchUp licence to that new machine, you need to remove your license from your old computer first. To remove the licence, please try these steps:
Open SketchUp Pro on the *old* computer Select "Help" > "License" (Windows) or "SketchUp" > "License" (Mac OSX) Click the "Remove License" license - you will see a confirmation message. Click the "Remove License" button - your license will be removed. Now you can authorize SketchUp Pro on your new computer using your same serial number and authorization code (i.e. license information). In addition, they must satisfy criteria on experience such as a certain minimum number of hours of integral and supervised practice with clients.

for more support queries please contact