The New SketchUp Pro Scale

SketchUp's New scale figure for the 2022 SketchUp Pro is introduced to honor the 'self-described' behind-the-scenes guy, Niraj Poudel.

He is a physicist turned architectural engineer turned sustainable building design specialist turned SketchUp extraordinaire.
Niraj, born in Nepal, studied physics as his undergraduate, took some extracurricular courses in Architecture, which started his journey into the building industry.

Niraj joined SketchUp in 2014 and is a crucial member of our customer success team., and today he is the Customer Success Manager in SketchUp. He is enthusiastic about early-stage sustainable designs and enjoys assisting others with their SketchUp process. Niraj spends his leisure time outside, playing guitar, and thinking of new ways to make his daughter smile.

A Customer Success Manager works with enterprise clients to make sure they have an optimized workflow and access to the right tools. With a background in science & engineering, his ability to think critically through experience in conducting experiments over the course of his career helps him to devise innovative solutions for clients looking to improve their workflow.

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