Search in SketchUp Pro 2022 (Desktop)

Search was first introduced in SketchUp for Web.
Now SketchUp Pro 2022 includes this feature allowing you to quickly find & activate native commands including installed extensions. Instead of spending valuable time trying to find or remember a tool in SketchUp, you can type in the name or workflow-related query such as  ‘elevation’, ‘boolean’, or ‘chamfer’ to quickly find it. 

New to SketchUp?
Don't worry.
This feature will help you get up to speed on the UI & tool set, allowing you to focus on your design rather than trying to find a tool. Search by a tool name or search for what you want a tool to do in SketchUp & the relevant results will appear.

For more experienced users, this will help reduce the amount of screen space devoted to toolbars. For example, instead of displaying all seven Joint Push/Pull toolbar icons, you can now search for ‘Joint Push/Pull’, and all commands associated with the extension show up.

The best way to bring Search (default shortcut: Shift +S) into your workflow is to customize the shortcut, so the command is easy to find.


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