Reminder | SketchUp Viewers End-of-Life

Trimble is discontinuing SketchUp Viewers for Virtual Reality (PCVR devices) and Mixed Reality (HoloLens) from SketchUp's subscription offerings.

Navigate with your SketchUp 3D models.

Collaborate your work remotely.

Designing doesn’t confine within the office anymore. Take the project wherever you go. Collaborate your 3D model ideas with remote colleagues, meet the challenges & get your work done easier.

Show your work with SketchUp viewer – Desktop & Mobile.

Have right communication of your ideas with stakeholders from the beginning without cutting them off from the environment in which they are staying and get feedback at right time. Stakeholders who doesn’t have SketchUp can view the model using SketchUp viewer for desktop or even they can view the model right on their mobile device.
Get it
Experience your project.
Get inside the model via the SketchUp Viewer VR app and troubleshoot problems before production begins. By using mixed reality (MR), you have the opportunity to interact with projects in the form of holographic models. Engage yourself in the project. Experience your design, so you can understand the project better, its challenges and successes.
Present your project.
Take a visual tour of project models with your clients in the office or on site at 1:1 scale using of AR/VR/MR Viewer apps and get feedback.