Medialogic 3D services Architectural CGI Visualisation and Rendering Services for Architects, Interior Designers and Developers across the UAE and Internationally. We offer a full range of services from 3D concept modelling from your sketches, to detailed 3D/BIM models of you projects from your 2D drawings. With our skills and expertise we will enable you to realise your creative vision for your project.

3D Modelling Services

With over 9 years of industry experience, our visualisation team provides 3D modelling services for external and internal spaces as well as landscapes and urban designs. We work with a range of software to complete your project. The fully completed model will be provided to the client at completion along with our stunning visuals.
Our team will create detailed 3D/ BIM models of your project working from your 2D drawings and sketches. The team will provide the following outputs as outlined below:

  • Detailed interactive 3D model of the external structure along with CGI generated still external visuals along with nearby site context.
  • Produce high resolution external still CGI visual images rendered from the external model.

3D Visualisation

Our expert visualisation team will create stunning still 3D visualisations from an existing model or from a model commissioned by the client. The number of visuals and the positioning can be briefed by the client to suit their requirements, and we can always tailor the work to suit a reasonable budget.
Medialogic Render Farm can also offer more interactive panoramic images and even immersive standalone presentations using the new Twinmotion Presenter features and various other state of the art rendering applications. The team will provide
the following outputs as outlined below:

  • Stunning high resolution CGI generated still external visuals from existing/commissioned 3D model.
  • Immersive site environment to provide site context within each stunning visual.
  • Panoramic high resolution CGI visuals generated using 3D model within Twinmotion.

3D Animation Services

Our team can create stunning real-life 4K animations to bring your vision to life in a truly unique style. Using wide range of software’s, we can provide stunning 3D animation to bring your projects to life in a truly unique way. See people and cars move through your animations bring your project to life. Changing seasons and weather can be animated to view your project in all possible aspects.
As an additional service, we can provide full 4K video editing services to bring together all the still images and 3D animations with titles and music to create compelling videos and presentations. See what animations you can achieve here:

  • Immersive 60-90 seconds 4K animation with multiple individual sequences of the project to showcase the stunning aspects of existing/commissioned model.
  • Animated walkthroughs of the internal views of the model to showcase the interior visuals of the project.
  • Animated sequence of external views to showcase the stunning visuals of the model and its surrounding environment.

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