TCPinpoint partners with UAE technology distributor Medialogic to deliver retail spaces

A South Australian software company that brings together the retail design and delivery process to create amazing retail spaces has signed a two-year agreement with UAE-based technology distributor, Medialogic in Dubai following support from the Department for Trade and Investment.
TCPinpoint, based at Stone & Chalk, uses a cloud-based platform to enable clients to manage the delivery of their properties from anywhere by tracking performance metrics and milestones with powerful dashboards and portfolio reporting. 
The technology does away with Excel spreadsheets by providing intuitive, comprehensive software systems that drive one version of truth, enabling communications, program management and document control within the one system and creating real-time reports and analytics to drive business decisions.
Founded by Ms Rachel Kidwell, who has two decades of retail tenancy delivery experience, TCPinpoint is already used widely in Australia and the United States. 
The new partnership in the UAE with Medialogic, will enable customers to take advantage of having support in the same time zone, speed and implementation from a company that is on the ground and understands the market and its culture.
“The MENA office of the Department for Trade and Investment, through Regional Director MENA and India, Sidharth Mehta, has provided exceptional insights into the market across all of our exploration visits,” said Ms Rachel Kidwell, Founder of TCPinpoint.
“Our initial main focus was to identify opportunities in-market to understand how to best work with the intricacies of the market and ensure we can align ourselves with their needs whilst educating them on the benefits we provide.
“Sid’s prompt communication, patience in explaining market terminology and historical references and introductions have been instrumental in formulating our future plans for the region and enabling this strategic partnership with Medialogic,” continued Ms Kidwell.
Medialogic is a well-established technology distributor within the UAE operating in the MENA and India regions and fast expanding to the APAC markets. Working with some of the most established names within construction, real estate and retail landscape, TCPinpoint’s solution is a logical extension of the company’s current offerings to these sectors.
“Medialogic is focused on helping clients accelerate their digital transformation,” said Mr Rajesh Moily, CEO of Medialogic. 
“TCPinpoint’s solution offers an excellent opportunity to solve fundamental pain points and help our clients build efficiencies, save costs and simplify retail delivery and tenancy management.”
Working with the Department for Trade and Investment’s MENA office, based in Dubai, Ms Kidwell visited Dubai several times to meet with Medialogic, and to seek insight into the market to identify opportunities.
It is expected that another 4.5 million square metres of retail space will be delivered in the GCC[1] region before 2026, taking the total to 23 million square metres. TCPinpoint aims to take advantage of this growth to align companies with one version of the truth rather than running their retail design and delivery process through Excel.
For further information on how the Department for Trade and Investment can provide support to South Australian exporters in overseas markets, visit 

[1] Australia and Gulf Cooperation Council countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).