Design Anywhere, Collaborate Everywhere: SketchUp Webinar

The SketchUp design & collaboration on the go webinar which was held on 7th June 2023 was hosted by application specialist Mr.Adeeb Razak SketchUp, a leading 3D modeling software, is breaking new ground in design collaboration with its innovative virtual reality (VR) capabilities. 

 Mr.Adeeb added on ‘Working with SketchUp expands our clients' options for communicating and visualizing their designs. With the aid of SketchUp's software and our knowledge of seamless distribution across the AECO ecosystem, we will be able to design immersive experiences that appeal to the target market of our clients. We will raise the bar for design communication in the UAE market together’. 


The collaboration between SketchUp and Medialogic Dubai has already brought significant value to clients in the UAE, combining SketchUp's robust 3D modeling capabilities. The partnership aims to empower businesses to effectively showcase their designs, products, and spaces. Ultimately driving engagement, growth, and success in the competitive market.