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The implementation of BIM in a project is spearheaded by a project BIM manager. They provide guidance to the project team as well as recommendations for modeling tactics, procedures, and best practices. They are in charge of overseeing the project deliverables and are in charge of maintaining the model's health, serving as quality control, tracking model faults, and enabling model sharing.

It's a massive work, but it's necessary for any BIM project.

Many companies will promote a senior employee to this position from within. BIM One can take on the function of project BIM manager for organizations that don't have the capability or enough BIM or VDC work to justify a full-time BIM manager.

One of our experienced team members will be assigned to your project team. They'll create a BIM Management Plan (BMP), organize coordination meetings, keep an eye on the quality of your models, and share BIM One's technological insights.