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When you need to get everyone to a basic level of knowledge and ability, classroom training is ideal. However, as people begin to study on their own, their knowledge levels vary, and problem-solving becomes more complicated than just browsing the internet for a solution.

Just - In - Time training comes in here.

Medialogic uses its experience as architects, engineers, and contractors to implement a methodology that is responsive and based on a project team's degree of knowledge and capabilities, providing one-on-one support to our clients. We aren't interested in creating a large cookbook of recipes, therefore our approach isn't one-sided. It's all about figuring out what a project team is attempting to do, making sure they're asking the proper questions, and coming up with a technological solution that may or could not be software-based. Most of these issues have been encountered previously by Medialogic, and we are the specialists that can work with you to discover the proper answers. Whether you're working with your project team on-site or remotely, Medialogic will keep your team from slamming their heads against the wall and will help you execute projects faster. We understand that you have tight deadlines and that taking time away from billable work to acquire the training and assistance you require is challenging. We can provide side-by-side coaching for you and your team, allowing you to design and analyze actual BIM, VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), and CIM (Construction/Civil Information Modeling) projects as we help you to get the best outcomes possible.

The main goal of this service is to provide on-site (in your office) user assistance through our teams in Quebec City, Montreal, and Vancouver. We can also provide remote help over the phone or via the use of internet web services.

Mentoring and leadership development in BIM, VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), and CIM (Construction/Civil Information Modeling) are all part of our strategy. The position of 'Project Technology Manager' is a new one in the construction sector. The project technology manager job should be in place for medium to big enterprises that are going to use BIM, VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), or CIM (Construction/Civil Information Modeling) to ensure success. Because the project technology manager is involved in every step of the project development process, he or she must have a wide range of knowledge and abilities. A project technology manager must be familiar with the project's information flow, have good training and communication skills, be able to make decisions, and work effectively in a team.