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Building parametric BIM objects will be advantageous for projects that are iteratively designed using the BIM process. However, due to the need to represent 3D geometry as well as incorporate other types of information into these objects such as construction costs, sequencing, specifications, descriptions, materials, performance criteria, and so on, the development and management of objects presents new challenges for firms in the construction industry.

We collaborate with architects, engineers, and contractors to develop virtual object libraries for BIM. Our BIM content development services enable AEC product makers and design companies to employ highly adjustable virtual objects that precisely match the actual features and information provided in products.

Manufacturers of construction items are increasingly providing 3D models that are BIM-ready. As a result, their goods are included in all building projects.

Few building product manufacturers, however, have the expertise or resources to create BIM-ready 3D models. These models must include all of the information required for designers and contactors, as well as an appropriate balance of information to avoid overloading building designers with unnecessary data.

What factors do you consider when deciding which goods to develop first? What criteria do you use to decide what data to include in your models? Experts at Medialogic have worked in every aspect of building construction, and we've established a method for developing BIM products for virtual design construction. We employ BIM standards to handle concerns such naming conventions, development level, industry standards compliance, organizational file structure, and data export.

Our creation guidelines are critical for speeding up and standardizing the generation of parametric BIM components. We will make certain that your family is covered in all of the necessary areas for optimal utilization in your projects.

These initiatives are in line with a BIM content development strategy that emphasizes the utilization of data contained in BIM objects for VDC (Virtual Design and Construction). A customised training program is used to teach and reinforce these strategies, with the goal of providing technical knowledge, planning, and organization. These new processes are defined and updated in the BIM deployment plan (BDP), which changes over time as the user gains experience with the virtual model delivery method.

We have the know-how to help you establish a range of virtual goods for BIM and distribution strategy, whether you want to outsource the complete product production or produce them yourself.