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Our software engineering service include analyzing, creating, building, enhancing, maintaining, and updating virtual design and construction software in a planned manner.

We create and maintain software using a disciplined, methodical, and quantitative methodology to provide a dependable product and service that is not only efficient but also cost effective in all project situations.

Our software engineering service, formerly known as computer programming and systems analysis, incorporates a specific approach to computer programming that advocates treating it as an engineering discipline rather than an art or a trade, and promoting the standardization of suggested practices.

Medialogic has unrivaled expertise in creating unique BIM software solutions for the construction sector. Our team is made up of designers and software developers that are equally enthusiastic about developing BIM solutions to help the construction industry. Our knowledge encompasses all technologies utilized in the planning, design, documentation, construction, and operation stages, as well as online and cloud-based social platforms. This unique collection of abilities leads to surprising answers to some of the most difficult construction issues.

Our mission is to deliver dependable software and integration solutions to our customers and projects. We accomplish this by introducing and utilizing current technology to improve the building and design processes. Before recommending or implementing a technology, Medialogic begins every BIM software development project with an in-depth analysis of the problem. We think that technology should be selected and adapted to support the process rather than the other way around.

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Whatever your requirements are, our team will provide the software you require.