Consultancy > Coordination & Clash Detection

Multiple models are often used in a BIM project. The architect, structural engineers, MEP engineers, and other crafts, disciplines, and manufacturers all have models. The process of combining these models and discovering any discrepancies that need to be fixed is known as clash detection. A collision can be as simple as two pieces from different models overlapping in space, or it can be more sophisticated, such as one part interfering with another's installation sequence.

Medialogic offers a complete solution for detecting clashes.

We collaborate with the project team to build a conflict analysis technique that will aid in the prioritization of high-impact item coordination. Medialogic will gather the essential models, execute the conflict analysis, convey the concerns to the various teams, and assist everyone in the process of issue resolution at various agreed-upon phases in the project.

The project team will be able to detect and fix potentially disruptive sequencing and constructability concerns far before they appear on site, thanks to the bespoke tools and conflict analysis methods we've built.